More and More app developers out there are trying their best to show off their stuff. Our friends, Twin Engine Labs, have been doing just that. With the development of ZeneScene, many people in the Shreveport-Bossier area have heard of the infamous Twin Engine Labs. However, what about those outside of our great city?

Recently, Twin Engine Labs, hopped aboard the StartupBus, a competition based ride to South By South West where technological innovators create a brand new application within 48 hours.

“This year’s race began at 8 a.m. Tuesday, with two buses leaving from San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood and headed toward Texas. Teams now have two sleepless days, undoubtedly punctuated by rushed roadside meals and bouts of car sickness, to create the best startup prototype they can.” –
After 48 grueling hours of riding on a bus, with the occasional stop for food, and coding like nobody’s business, the team finally got off the bus to reveal their application idea for the judging panel.
With deep consideration, Twin Engine Labs won the coveted StartupBus award for the best application, WalkIn.
When the user walks up to the restaurant, he or she scans a QR code (sort of like a barcode) with a smartphone and that puts them on the list without ever having to fight crowds or speak to a hostess. Then you’re notified via SMS when your table is ready. With WalkIn, you could go to a bar or hangout at the coffee shop while you are waiting to get in the Chili’s on a Friday Night.
We look forward to seeing what Twin Engine Labs will do next and we are more than eager to see WalkIN!
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