Our friends over at the Center for Great Apes are celebrating their 20th anniversary! The center provides a sanctuary for apes that have been rescued from roadside zoos, research labs, the entertainment industry and the pet trade. To say congrats, here are a few sketches from the bots for Sketch Tuesday:

‘Chipotl-APE’ Meets ‘Morris APE-more’,  Joe Bluhm, Lead Artist,


Jamorangutan, Kate Reynolds, Generalist


Kendra Phillips, Generalist


Liz Maw-Naing, Human Resources
Kenny Callicutt, Artist


  1. You guys and gals are so completely awesome. The sketches to celebrate the Center for Great Apes are brilliant, funny and thoughtful. Love them! Thank you!

  2. Thank you all at Moonbot Studios for your wonderful drawings commemorating our 20th anniversary of helping orangutans and chimpanzees who need sanctuary care!

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