Today, we’re featuring some special art from SATELLITES Vol. 1 – a comic anthology project from Moonbots Joe Bluhm, Kendra Phillips, Adam Volker, Beavan Blocker and their pals. They’re currently Kickstarting their project and are halfway to their goal of $7,000 – in just 45 hours! There’s great backer levels including the book, original art commissions and sketches. We highly recommend backing the project here, on Kickstarter.

Joe Bluhm, Moonbot’s art lead, shared his comic-making process for “Klaud” for Sketch Tuesday today:

JOE BLUHM: Once I’m happy with the script, I like to do thumbnails in the margins, getting ideas down as simple as I can.
JOE BLUHM: I take those thumbnails, and sketch them full-size, cleaning them up and exploring the best composition for each page and panel.
JOE BLUHM: Once I’m happy with the pencil (for this story), I scanned it and started my digital painting adventure!
KENDRA PHILLIPS: These are some early expressions and drawings of the winter spirit from my comic, “Hart of Winter.”

Here’s other sketches from the bots this week!

OMV doodles, Andrew Stovesand, Animator


William Joyce


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