Day one of the voyage to discover the moonstache.

This month, some of our bots are growing out their moustaches in support of Movember, a charity event held during November  that raises funds and awareness for men’s health. Moonstache is composed of 12 members (Kenny, Joe, Nick, Lucas, Wendell, Nolan, Kevin K., Ozan, Calvin, Limbert, Adam and Kevin B.)  and three Mo Sistas (Vanesa and Sara, and honorary Mo Sista, Beavan).

By growing the most epic moustaches in the universe, our team hopes to spark conversations that encourage men to receive health checkups. Donations to the Moonstache team will fund prostate and testicular cancer research and make the bots feel warm and fuzzy inside. Please donate or get a men’s health checkup this month!

For more details, the bots asked Moonstache team captain, Lucas Ridley, a few questions:

Why are you participating in Movember?
I did it last year and it was embarrassing but rewarding. It’s a good bonding experience for everyone on a team. It’s comical. Moustaches are awesome. Our team raised over $2,000 last year to help prostate and testicular cancer research. Even though I’m a young guy, this is something I’ve got to worry about at some point.

What is a moonstache?
A moonstache is an elusive creature that can only be discovered through a month long journey into the unknown.

Who do you think will grow the most epic moonstache?
Nick is a pretty hairy guy. Adam, Kevin and Nick have experience in growing facial hair. It’ll be a three or four way race. We’ll know in about a week who will be in the running for most epic ‘stache and who will not.

Why should people donate to Moonstache?
The moustaches help empower our creativity but money empowers the research of scientists who are trying to cure prostate and testicular cancer.


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