Moonbot working with local schools

Last Friday Caddo Middle Magnet eighth graders Nick Hobbs, Ben Smith, and Cameron Smith paid a visit to Moonbot Studios to get a better understanding of what it’s like to work in the animation industry. We hope the students enjoyed their visit and look forward to receiving demo reels from them in the future.





Photos courtesy SCVAF

 Moonbot animator Beavan Blocker was excited to be the opening speaker of the 2012 SCVAF Awards Banquet in Luling, Louisiana. The Saellite Center Video and Animation Festival was established to “help foster an appreciation for the video & animation fields and allow high school students to network with professionals in these fields.”


Morris Lessmore-inspired Poetry


Ms. Mary M Miller, third grade teacher at the American Embassy School in New Delhi, says: ” Our students were so inspired by your film and are excited to share some of their poetry.”

With Ms. Miller’s permission, we are excited to be able to share the beautiful poems penned by these talented 3rd graders.

A Circle Story
(Inspired by Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore)
Tumbling, Turning, Twisting storm
Blows you away from your home
The colors change from bright to dull
The happiness has disappeared in the storm
Flying person passes you being flown by books
Give you one and flies to a library
There you spend the rest of your life
Returning happiness to your town
Then you start flying, flown by books
Give a child a book, your life’s story
Then it starts again.

Read more after the break:

Wonderful  Flying Books
Flap-Flap as the books fly,
Giving life to each person
Each book is important,
    With such precious life.
When it’s the end of life, he has a
    Circle to move on and on.
We are friends to book to care for.
And it’s going around and around.
And when it’s your turn to take care books,
At the end say…
     The End


Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Flying books are everywhere
Turn your heart to happiness
Read together you’ll feel good
Books will be everywhere
Books never end, it goes on.
Make your book that never ends
Books have feelings
Whisper to books
It will be very fun


I wish you Could Fly
I wish a real book could fly like a bird
I wish a book could fly like a sweet hum
I wish a book could fly like a hug from mama
I wish you could fly
I wish you could fly

All lost and lonely
No sign of hope
Only birds flying in the sky
No! Wait! That’s not a bird
But a book coming down for me to read
The world wasn’t gray or blue
Cause there is hope always
Cause hope is all the time always and forever in you

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
You whirling tornado, you took all that was mine.
   You took all the color that looks beautiful. You
       took away the words from my life. You
          took my old life and gave me new.
             But don’t take it away, I like it
                  more. All of my new
                     friend are with
                          Me and


No Title
Music can express feelings
You don’t need words to tell a story
When the world changes,
It’s time to change your life too.
But can you live a life,
That doesn’t make sense?
A little world of big surprises
What else would one wish for?
Things change.
Something you don’t want to happen,
Can become a good thing.
Enjoy life
While you can.

So Much Depends Upon!
(Inspired by The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore)

So much depends upon a book
Happy and sad
To repair a hole of sadness
In someone’s life

So much depends upon Mr. Morris
Eager and smart
To fix an old ripping book.

So much depends upon a girl
Pretty, smart and eager
To take Morris’ place

Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
He was writing a book on a normal day till…..
A giant storm blew in, his book fell….
The storm was over, color was gone his book had no words….
In comes a miracle, a flying book leads the way to a place color roams….
He finds his empty book
Writes, writes, writes……

Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Once there was a man
Who was kind
With a really satisfying mind
He wrote books from dawn to dusk
One day there was a storm
He was blown away to another world
But then it all changed
He found a house filled with books,
Books and more books.
And he stayed there till he was old
With his breath shaky and cold
But will he died and reformed
When he wrote THE END

Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore
Mr. Morris Lessmore is an amazing person.
He got into a storm because of a single book.
Because he liked books so, he put himself in danger.
He got the book but the words all messed and gone.
What do you think what happened next?
Amazing things happened.
He discovered flying books.
Then his life changed. He got happier than ever.
I like him!
I want to be like him!

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