When he’s not keeping the bots in line as our HR Guy and Recruiter, Wendell Riley, writes comics and nerds out about movies. Here’s what he’s into right now:

Twilight Zone Radio

I’m a huge fan of The Twilight Zone, and I always revisit episodes from the original series for inspiration. I discovered Twilight Zone Radio a few years ago and immediately fell in love with it. It’s great to experience classic episodes in a new way and I love audio books and radio dramas.

Hollywood Gauntlet Podcast

This is a fairly film new podcast from John Jansen. It is thorough, well researched and always interesting to listen to, especially for a genre fan like me. The Summer of ’82 episode is awesome.


This is where I get most of my scientific research findings these days, because most of the articles posted are well thought out, compelling and pretty damn funny. It’s the perfect mix of high and low brow.

Animal Man

Animal Man is one of my favorite titles right now. Jeff Lemire’s take on the DC hero is one of the true bright-spots of the New 52. The stories and art in this title take me back to the days when Peter Milligan did some amazingly mind-bending work on “Shade The Changing Man.”


One of my favorite short films in the last few years is “Fish” by Sean Escayg, an up-and-coming Trinidadian filmmaker. As a Trini myself, it’s gratifying to see a former classmate of mine making waves with his work. Guys like that pave the way for other kids back home to dream big.

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