Say howdy to Moonbot Interactive Creative Director Adam Volker at the 17th annual View Conference, taking place October 24 – 28, 2016. The conference is Italy’s largest computer graphics and digital media conference, showcasing a cross-section of industry professionals in animation, visual effects, virtual reality and digital design.

Adam has long been fascinated by the language used to describe the creative process of painting. He’s often wondered: what might the language of painting tell us about evaluating games? He’ll share his thoughts in his presentation:

A Painter’s Vocabulary For Games

We reserve certain words to evaluate only parts of a piece of media. We use art words to talk exclusively about the art inside the thing. If we tried to use those words more globally, and talked about a piece of film or a game as a whole with those words, we might have more insight into the things we enjoy about it. In this talk, Adam will discuss different games alongside paintings in hopes that attendees get new tools to discuss and evaluate the media they consume.


Here’s some of the other talks at View that Adam is looking forward to:


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