Top 10 Best Om3 Cables – Review And Buying Guide

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So, we have done a great job listing the om3 cables to help you get them easily. These are some of the best possible options available on the internet. When you purchase the om3 cables, we hope you feel satisfied and happy because we only want your key needs fulfilled.

10 om3 cables: Editor Chooice

Our 10 om3 cables Review:

Bestseller No. 1
Fiber Patch Cable, Gigabit Fiber Optic Cables VANDESAIL 10G with LC to LC Multimode OM3 Duplex 50/125 OFNP (2M, OM3-5Pack)
  • ★ HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL — Fiber Optic Cable body is made of PVC/ LSZH plastic materials, which is shiny, tough, environmental protection, not fade, not broken and not easily deformed. The inside optical cable is aramid, which is tough, tensile, non-toxic, fire retardant, core protection and low smoke. The connector is PBT plastic materials and fine copper, which is firm, durable, environmental protection, high temperature resistant, not fade, not broken and not easily deformed.
  • ★ HIGH QUALITY IMPORTED CORE — The core is OM3 of CORNING US, which is easy to weld, ensures small optical loss and stable transmission. The mortise is Japan imports zirconia powder ceramics, which is no data loss and has a long life( the usage count is more than 1,000 times) .
  • ★INTERNATIONAL TELECOMMUNICATION STANDARD — The product has exquisite and mature crafts, conforms with International Telecommunication Standard. Using corners pressurized grinder and lapping process of SEIKO JAPAN, the core and mortise is no offset and the end face is no gap, no spots, no scratches and no depression. The One-Time Pass Rate of 3D Interferometer is up to 98%, conforming International IEC Standard.
  • ★ MULTIMODE DUPLEX — 50/125 micron fiber cables with dual small form factor LC connectors are designed for 10 Gigabit applications in SAN networks and data centers; OM3 LOMMF (laser optimized multi-mode fiber) rated; Compatible with all multimode 50/125 micron fiber cabling Connects to VCSEL laser network equipment such as SFP+ transceivers, Ethernet switches, media converters, industrial Ethernet devices, and optical fiber NIC's
  • ★ WIDELY USED — It is Suitable for SFP transceivers and media converters, compatible with HUAWEI and Cisco, such as Cisco Compatible 10GBASE-SR SFP+ Transceiver Module, Cisco SFP-10G-SR Gigabit Interface Converter SFP Module, Cisco SFP-10G-SR 10GBase-SR SFP+ Transceiver, Cisco Compliant 1000BASE-SX SFP Transceiver Module GLC-SX-MM-OEM, Cisco MGBSX1 Gigabit SX Mini-GBIC SFP Transceiver, Cisco GLC-SX-MMD, Cisco Gigabit SX Mini-GBIC.
Bestseller No. 2
FLYPROFiber LC to LC Fiber Patch Cable OM3 5M, Length Options: 0.2m-200m, 10GB Multimode Duplex LC-LC 50/125um Fiber Optic Cable Cord LSZH-5Meter(16ft)
  • 📡5M(16FT), OM3 LC-LC Fiber Optic Patch Cable Multimode 10Gb is designed for high density applications in gigabit ethernet, fiber channel, local area networks, data center, premise installation, wide area networks, commercial and so on, ideal for connecting 10G SR, 10G LRM, SFP+ transceivers etc. for 10G/40G/100G Ethernet connections and is the preferred fiber specification for 10G Ethernet connections.
  • 📡Maximum Transmission Distance - 1Gb Ethernet Distance of 550Meters at 850nm; 10Gb Ethernet Distance of 300Meters at 850nm; 40Gb Ethernet Distance of 300Meters at 850/nm; 100Gb Ethernet Distance of 200Meters at 850nm. Bandwidth is 2000 MHz·km @850nm.
  • 📡7.5mm Minimum Bend Radius - High Rated 50/125um Fiber and Cladding, which is Insensitive to bending, easy peeling, easy welding, ensures small optical loss and stable transmission (insertion loss≤0.3dB, return loss ≥30dB.), Ideal for SAN network cabinets that require 20 or more bends in the cabinet or high-density installations with cables crammed into an extremely small footprint.
  • 📡Construction Design - LSZH environmentally friendly Jacket; Adjustable connector clips allow individual fiber access; Embossed A/B position labels on the duplex clip and jacket tag rings labeled 1 & 2 provide quick identification of Tx and Rx when installing, testing, and troubleshooting equipment connections; UPC polish and Japan made zirconia ceramic ferrules with high return loss, low insertion loss, and low attenuation features, provide precise alignment to ensure the signal integrity.
  • 📡FLYPROFiber focuses on fiber optics for 15 years, each cable is tested in the factory to meet quality control and insertion loss requirements. Save labor cost and troubleshooting time with these fiber cords that are ready to use. We provide 5 years warranty, free replacement and unconditional 90-day full refund guarantee. This cable is suitable for indoor use, contact us for outdoor cables if needed.
SaleBestseller No. 3
Cable Matters OFNP Plenum Multimode Duplex OM3 Fiber Cable 3.3 Feet / 1m (40Gb 10Gb, LC to LC, 50/125 Fiber Optic Cable, Fiber Patch Cable)
  • Multimode fiber duplex OM3 50/125 micron fiber cables with dual small form factor LC connectors are designed for 10 Gigabit applications in SAN networks and data centers; OM3 LOMMF (laser optimized multi-mode fiber) rated; Connects to VCSEL laser network equipment such as SFP+ transceivers, Ethernet switches, media converters, industrial Ethernet devices, and optical fiber NIC's
  • Flexible installation and maintenance fiber cord with adjustable, clips and removable dust caps to protect the fibers during installation while allowing individual fiber access; Embossed A/B position labels on the duplex clip and jacket tag rings labeled 1 & 2 provide quick ID when installing and troubleshooting; Tight-buffered cable with a duplex 2.0 x 4.2mm Zipcord design; LC connectors in a protective yoke with slim-profile boots, PC polish, and zirconia ceramic ferrules for precise alignment
  • Bend insensitive design of the LC to LC cable allows for a 7.5mm bending radius that is 4X more flexible than standard 50 micron fiber cables without introducing any macro-bending loss; Ideal for SAN network cabinets that require 20 or more bends in the cabinet or high density installations with cables crammed into an extremely small footprint; Bend insensitive multimode fiber (BIMMF) is interoperable with standard OM3 cabling systems
  • Standards compliant OM3 cable includes a superior OFNP (plenum) safety fire rating that meets UL 910 regulations and substitutes for OFNR (riser) rated cable; TIA/EIA compliant A to B wiring with color-coded aqua jacket and beige connectors; OM3 classification rating operates with Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-LX, 1000Base-SX, or 10GBase-S/LR4/LRM, and Fibre Channel 100/200/400/1200-MX; Backwards compatible with FDDI, and Fast Ethernet 10/100BASE SX or FX
  • 10G compatible with SFP+ transceivers modules such as: 10Gtek for Cisco SFP-10G-SR, 10Gtek for Ubiquiti 10Gb SFP+, 10Gtek for Intel E10GSFPSR 10Gb, 10Gtek Cisco Compatible GLC-T/SFP-GE-T, 10Gtek for Netgear AMX761, 10Gtek for Cisco GLC-SX/MMD/ GLC-SX/MM/ SFP-GE-S, Cisco MGBSX1 Gigabit SX Mini-GBIC, 10Gtek for Mellanox MFM1T02A-SR, TRENDnet Gigabit SFP LC Module, TP-LINK TL-SM311LM Gigbit, Cisco SFP-10G-SR, HP Mini-GBIC Gigabit-SX-LC, and StarTech Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Media Converter
Bestseller No. 4
Monoprice Fiber Optic Cable - 10 Meter - Aqua | LC to LC, OM3, 50/125 Type, Multi Mode, 10Gb, Duplex
  • OM3 Aqua laser-optimized, multi-mode cable with a 50m core and 125 m cladding diameter, ideal for 10 gigabit ethernet (GbE) networks.
  • Color-coded dual LC connectors on each end.
  • OFNR (optical fiber, non-conductive, riser) rated by UL, making it safe for use within the walls and between the floors of commercial class buildings.
  • Made with corning brand optical fibers.
Bestseller No. 5
LC-LC OM3 MMF Duplex Fiber Optic Patch Cable, 1-Meter(3.3-ft)
  • A MANUFACTURER - 14 years ISO certified manufacturer, assembly SFP transceiver, fiber patch cords, media converter and networking system.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - PVC/LSZH fiber cable; YOFC fiber core; Zirconia ceramic ferrules; Aramid inside optical cable; High temperature resistant connector.
  • RELIABILITY TESTING - 100% insertion loss test; MMF: Insertion loss≤0.3(dB), Return loss≥-30(dB).
  • STANDARDS COMPLIANT - TIA/EIA 568-C.3 / 604-10 / 492AAAA, IEC60793-2-10 A1b, CE and RoHS.
  • WIDE APPLICATION - works with all brands of multimode SFP transceivers and fiber optic networks.
Bestseller No. 6
LC to SC Fiber Patch Cable Multimode Duplex - 1m (3.28ft) - 50/125um OM3 10G LSZH - Beyondtech PureOptics Cable Series
  • Beyondtech high-quality laser-optimized 50/125 Multimode LC to SC OM3 Fiber Patch Cable is specially designed for fast Ethernet, Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet Speeds, data center, premises, educational, LAN, SAN, commercial and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) applications. It supports video, data and voice services.
  • OM3 Fiber Patch Cable LOMMF connects to 10GBase-SR, 10GBase-LRM, SFP+ and QSFP+ transceivers for 10Gb networks.
  • This OM3 Multimode Fiber Patch Cable conforms to ITU-T G.651.1, TIA/EIA 492AAAC and IEC60793-2-10 A1a.2a standards and complies with all RoHS environmental specifications.
  • This LC to SC OM3 fiber patch cable has an aqua color jacket with a 3 mm diameter. OM3 cables have a 1500 MHz-km bandwidth and a 2.3dB/km maximum attenuation at 850 nm light sources. They also have a 500 MHz-km bandwidth and a 0.6dB/km maximum attenuation at a 1300 nm wavelength.
  • OM3 fiber patch cords operate at -20°C to +70°C and have a minimum installation bending radius of 5.0 cm and a minimum long term bending radius of 3 cm – LC /SC duplex connectors are joined with a plastic clip, easy to remove in case you need to separate the connectors.
Bestseller No. 7
Fiber Patch Cable - LC to LC OM3 10Gb/Gigabit Multi-mode Jumper Duplex 50/125 LSZH Fiber Optic Cord for SFP Transceiver, Computer Fiber Networks and Fiber Test Equipment, 30-Meter(100ft)
  • 【Specification to LC Duplex, MMF, 10GB OM3 Multimode, 50/125, low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH), 30-Meter(100ft).
  • 【Compliance 568-C. 3/ 604-10/ 492Aaac, UL 910, C E, rohs;fiber Patch Cord complies with RoHS specifications. All cables are 100% optically tested for insertion loss to ensure high speed and low loss.
  • 【Dependable performance to use, Plug and play. The patch cable is manufactured using top quality materials. With grade-A 10GB 50/125 duplex fiber, a Low-Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) jacket and superior component. And the combination of LC connectors In a protective yoke, strain relief boots and zirconia ceramic ferrules provides a dependable performance.
  • 【Applications Classification rating operates with Gigabit Ethernet 1000Base-SX, 10GBase-LRM and Fast Ethernet 10/100Base SX or FX.
  • 【Reliable customer service】 offer reliable customer service and apply to return policy
Bestseller No. 8
SpeedaLite LC to ST Fiber Patch Cable OM3 50/125 Multimode Duplex 10Gig OFNR (Riser) 1 Meter
  • STANDARD BENEFITS - This cable can be bent and twisted freely without signal loss. It can save space in your data centers, enterprise networks, telecom room, server farms, cloud storage networks and other places where fiber patch cables are needed.
  • EMOTIONAL BENEFITS - A lifetime investment in your network. You’ll be able to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your cables won’t fail you when you need them most.
  • G.657.A1 BEND INSENSITIVE FIBER - Bend-insensitive fiber adds a layer of glass around the core of the fiber which has a lower index of refraction. This layer is called (trench) and it reflects the weakly guided modes back into the core when stress normally causes them to be coupled into the cladding. This way BIF allows small bending radiuses without significant light loss, which makes working with fiber much easier.
  • ZIRCONIA CERAMIC FERRULES + FLEXIBLE JACKET - Ferrules and sleeves are the key components of connectors, which ensure perfect alignment of the fiber after connection to prevent signal loss. Flexible jacket designed specifically to make installation a breeze!
  • WHY SPEEDALITE? - Every fiber optic cable we produce is fully tested and guaranteed with a lifetime warranty. This includes: - 3D Interferometer testing, Insertion loss and Return loss testing, Connector face inspection for imperfections. We are proud of our ISO 9001-2001 manufacturing facilities that assure consistent quality. Not only do we use the best materials to build all of our cable products, but from polishing paper to epoxy - no detail is too small for us!
Bestseller No. 9
Jeirdus 100Meters 328ft LC to LC 10G OM3 Outdoor Armored Duplex Fiber Optic Cable Jumper Optical Patch Cord Multimode 50/125 100M LC-LC
  • LC/PC-LC/PC,100 Meters,Duplex,Multimode,OM3,50/125,
  • 100 Meters (328 feet), 10Gbs,Armoured, LSZH, Zip-Cord Reinforced, Duplex (2 Fiber Strands), 1.25mm ceramic ferrule, LC/PC to LC/PC, Fiber Patch Cable/Jumper Cord.
  • Great flexibility and duribility with a flexible stainless steel tube inside the outer jacket as the armor to protect the fiber glass inside.
  • It retains all the features of standard patch cord, but is much stronger. It will not get damaged even if stepped by an adult.
  • Low Insertion Loss, Low Back Reflection,High Return Loss, All our products are 100% new fiber optic cable of carrier-class quality ,and 100% test before delivery.
Bestseller No. 10
SpeedyFiberTX - 1-Pack 200 Feet Multimode 10G OM3 50/125 Fiber Optic Patch Cable, Duplex LC to LC, Aqua Riser OFNR Cable Jacket
  • Cable made with Corning Laser-optimized Multimode OM3 50/125 Fiber | Riser OFNR Cable Jacket
  • Tight-buffered Zipcord Cable with Short Boots | Plug and Play Durable LC Duplex Fiber Connectors
  • High Quality Guarantee: 100% Inspection and Test on Insertion Loss and Return Loss
  • Easily Identify Fiber Channels with Color-coded Heat Shrink Tubing | Yellow to Yellow, White to White
  • High Quality Fiber Patch Cable for VCSEL Laser Network Equipments such as SFP+ Transceivers, Ethernet Switches, Media Converters

How To Choose Your om3 cables

If you want to purchase om3 cables, follow a buying guide. Some features need to tick your om3 cables before buying. Let’s take a look at them:

Quality: The quality of the product should be good. It should be durable, and it should have the life of more than 1 year. The best way to check the quality is by reviewing other customers who have used the product.

Price: The price is an important factor while buying any product online or offline. You need to calculate how much money you are willing to spend on this product and then compare it with other sellers who are offering similar products at different prices. If there is too much difference between the prices, then go for higher priced ones as they might be better in quality and durability than lower priced ones which are available in plenty on the market today!

Features: Make sure that all features of your desired product are present in that particular model before purchasing it from any website or store! You can also read reviews about each feature from other customers who have used these features and then decide if these features are useful for your needs or not!

Things To Remember om3 cables: 

It's easy in theory but can be hard when there are so many different websites with helpful and misleading information. This blog post will help you choose the om3 cables without wasting too much time or money!

1. Always Examine Product Details

Not reading the product description is a grave mistake. The problem with most online consumers today is that they make most of their purchase decisions based on the displayed product image. They don’t take time to read and understand the item's contents. To avoid suffering from a bad case of buyer’s remorse, always check product information before adding the item on your cart. Don’t be fooled by edited and photoshopped pictures which may distort the item’s real appearance.

2. Check Shipping Costs

The law states that an online retail store must ship an order within the time stated upon purchase or as seen in its ad. In cases where the timeframe isn’t stated or is subject to changes, the product should be delivered within around 30 days of the order’s placement. Shipping costs can also vary depending on your location, the cost, the size, and the date you want your order delivered. Most companies have “free shipping” applied to bulk orders or to orders over a certain amount. This can be a good way to save money but discourage consumers who simply want to buy one or two items.

3. Compare Prices of Similar Products

When comparing product prices, your goal is to purchase the best product for the best price. While some consumers willingly spend their money on discounted and bottom-priced goods, others are warier of these “too good to be true” deals and discounts. After all, doesn’t a low price also mean low quality? The best way to get more bang for your buck is to discerning prices and product quality.

4. Read Product Reviews

A simple way to find the best product or item is to review product reviews. Buying guides and product reviews help you learn a great deal about the item you plan to buy. Some user reviews can give you a comprehensive and realistic item expectation. These are based on real customer experiences and can help you decide whether or not you may want to buy the product.

5. Know Your Rights

Every e-commerce and online store has policies about the process in purchasing their items. They may have strict return policies for every item. Some stores forbid returning items such as electronics and personalized goods once the package is opened. As a customer, it is your right to know the refund and return policies of the store. You can visit the site’s help pages or contact customer service to learn more about your rights.

6. Be Wary of Scams and Fraud

Lastly, avoid getting scammed. Privacy and security is a serious concern among users who worry about deceitful fraudsters who may use different methods to access your valuable personal details, such as your usernames and passwords. There are many deceitful websites out there disguising themselves as online shopping stores in order to get information from you. But how can you tell if a website is fake? By using Google Trusted Stores, a verification system for all online shopping sites, users can determine which shop is trustworthy or not.

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