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September 23, 2014

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Discover luminous fireflies buzzing about the forest. Collect them with a tap of your finger and fill up your jar. You might even catch the rest of all the forest’s creatures: the brilliant Luna Moth. Who knows what else you might collect? Some fireflies are hard to catch and others will try to escape. Spend some time exploring the forest and taking in the beautiful landscape. Try looking backwards, up, down, all around! This app is all about open play and having fun with your newfound firefly friends.


Moonbeeps are apps created for kids of all ages. Each app is designed to create fun, imaginative play in and out of your mobile device. We promise each app will feature beautiful artwork, open play and never include in-app purchases or third party advertising. Each app is lovingly created by Moonbot Studios, which previously released landmark kids apps including, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, hailed as “the future of kids eBooks” by The Atlantic, as well as, The Numberlys, described as “storytelling, games and education rolled into one intriguing blend” by The Guardian.


  • A special musical treat from The Polyphonic Spree’s latest album, Psychphonic. For more details visit: http://bit.ly/psychphonic
  • Tap fireflies to catch them.
  • Slide to open the jar and release your fireflies back to the wild.
  • Switch between your jar and the forest.
  • 4 differently colored fireflies to catch.
  • Mix colors by catching differently colored fireflies.
  • Tap rhythmically on the jar and see the fireflies tap back.
  • Use the app as a nightlight! It’ll automatically sleep after 15 minutes of non-play.


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Selected Articles

  • "A lovely-looking digital toy"
    - Stuart Dredge, Apps Playground
  • "I thought [the nightlight] was rather nice and cool and a really lovely idea for children who like a little light on at nighttime."
    - Jane Jones, YouTuber
  • "Beautiful graphics and soothing background music come together to create a dreamy landscape that will captivate kids of all ages."
    - Camila Amanda, Geeks With Juniors

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About Moonbot Studios

Moonbot is a secret, zero-gravity colony inhabited by interstellar beings in Shreveport, La. Our team of 50 creates whimsical worlds and heartfelt characters across platforms including books, films, games and other entertainment transmedia. We put art and craftsmanship at the heart of everything we do. Our cofounders, award-winning artists and filmmakers Lampton Enochs, William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg have worked with nearly every major motion picture studio. Our work has been honored by the Oscars, Cannes Lions, Emmy Awards and Clio Awards.

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Moonbeeps: Fireflies Credits

Bohdon Sayre
Lead Game Designer

John Cannon
Lead Programmer

Adam Volker
Art Director

Sulivan Parker
Project Manager

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