Zero Gravity Job Opportunities

Moonbot Studios is always looking for talented adventurers or “moonbots" to join our lunar expeditions. Our job listings are below; however, if you don’t see a current opening that matches your skills, please reach out to us via email at [email protected] with a link to your online portfolio.

Tips On Applying

Apply by emailing [email protected] with your resume and include a link to your reel/portfolio. Please save a tree - just email us. Do not send hard copies of portfolios: it will not make it back to you through the spacetime continuum.

Confirmation and feedback are not provided to every applicant due to the high number of submissions we receive.

International applicants should become familiar with the qualifications for obtaining visas (H1-B, TN, O-1, etc.), and if you meet these requirements, we welcome you to apply. Often, the requirements and processes for obtaining work visas are complicated and difficult. Moonbot Studios looks for the best and brightest adventurers from around the globe.

Internship opportunities are not offered at this time.

Unsolicited scripts, artwork or bibles cannot be accepted by our studio and any received will not be read or returned due to legal reasons. Please do not send any materials via email, mail or other delivery methods.

Contact Moonbot Recruiting

Madeline Kawanaka [email protected]

Field Day Rhino Coffee Bowling Night

Life on the Moon

What’s it like to work at Moonbot? Here’s some of studio benefits and amenities that our moonbots love:

  • Shreveport is located just a few hours’ drive away from Dallas, New Orleans, Austin, Houston and other places worth checking out. It’s easy to find a festival or event you’d like to attend and make a weekend trip out of town!

    – Kendra Phillips, Asset Technical Director

    Kendra Phillips

    Shreveport has a small, close-knit, creative community. I love that if there’s something big and ambitious you want to do, the entire town will back your endeavor. Especially if you are a Moonbot!

    – Sara Hebert, Marketing Director

    Sara Hebert

    One of my favorite parts of living in Louisiana is Mardi Gras. Think Halloween, Christmas, and the Fourth of July all rolled up into one month-long party. For me, Shreveport’s Highland Parade is the highlight of the season. Where else can you catch hot dogs, books, ramen noodles, playing cards, and who knows what else, all from the comfort of your own front porch?

    – LaShea Brittain, UI & Graphic Designer

    LaShea Brittain
  • Most of the year, the temperatures are great for adventuring in Shreveport. I enjoy the trail along the river and our many Frisbee golf courses. It’s great for cycling, from road biking into the country or mountain biking near the lakes, which also offer great fishing and boating opportunities.

    – Logan Scelina, Lead 3D Artist

    Logan Scelina

    After moving to Shreveport to join Moonbot, my wife and I bought an incredibly affordable house and welcomed a baby girl. I live 8 minutes away from work. No bumper-to-bumper traffic anymore!

    – Limbert Fabian, Creative Director

    Limbert Fabian

    There is no reason to have to fake a sick day here. Every full-time employee accrues flexible paid time off. Take time off when you need to!

    – Barbie Cannon, CFO

    Barbie Cannon
  • I carefully curate a delicious selection of cereal, fruit, coffee, tea and goodies for the crew to enjoy. Good snacks = out of this world creativity.

    – Stefanie Riegel, Office Manager

    Stefanie Riegel

    Moonbot is a fantastic place for creative opportunity. Everyone here has the ability to bring great ideas to the table.

    – John Durbin, Animation Supervisor

    John Durbin

    Some of my best Moonbot memories include playing for Moonbot Football Club (go MBFC!), hiking, camping and rock climbing with my Interactive team. I can always find someone in the studio who is down to take an adventure with me, and I love that about Moonbot.

    – Heather Shrewsbury, Engineer

    Heather Shrewsbury
Moonbot Krewe Calvin and John Beavan and Nolan
Our Prime Directive

Be an adventurer.

“We want to explore. We’re curious people…We believe in what we’re doing. Now it’s time to go.” – Eileen Collins, retired NASA Astronaut

Adventurer's Code
Adventurer’s Code

Be positive; be humble; and have integrity.

New Frontiers
New Frontiers

Forge new paths and find unexpected solutions to every challenge. Be fearless.

Out-of-this-world Outcomes
Out-of-this-world Outcomes

Create top-notch, brilliant results that push our artistic boundaries in a myriad of mediums.


Explore with grit, innovation, strategic-thinking, and passion for the mission. Diverse Crew: Seek many voices. Our crew brings together many voices and perspectives to craft beautiful stories.

Diverse Crew
Diverse Crew

Seek many voices. Our crew brings together many voices and perspectives to craft beautiful stories.

Mission Control
Mission Control

Be constructive, respectful and open. Communication and collaboration make an effective crew.

Optimum Operations
Optimum Operations

Go out of your way to support one another – when individuals on your crew are a success, you are a success.


We often promote from within and we seek out purpose-driven, resourceful individuals who are big picture thinkers.