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Based on the award-winning book, short film, and app, The Numberlys are five best friends who discover something they’ve never seen before, a tiny sprout, in their concrete and metal city. Though they don’t know what it is, they decide to protect this unique little thing against all obstacles. Through invention, stumbles and bumbles, they help the sprout become a beautiful tree, making a lasting, joyful change in their world. Created by William Joyce and Brandon Oldenburg of Moonbot Studios (The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, Silent, Scarecrow), written by Joe Fallon (Curious George, Arthur), and directed by Saul Blinkoff (Doc McStuffins, Kronk‚Äôs New Groove), The Numberlys encourage children to think beyond the way things are always done, to imagine the way things could be in their world.